Patient Testimonials

  • I recently had knee replacement surgery and my very good luck was to have Jessica as my Physical Therapist. I had several therapists at the rehab I went to after surgery and most were very capable, however, when I returned home and met Jessica, she impressed me with her approach to therapy. She is both caring and very knowledgeable. She urged me to do what I could do in the exercise program I’d been given. I feel very fortunate to have met Jessica Shursky not only as a therapist but as a special person. She certainly got my recovery a long way for which I am most grateful.

    Estelle B.

  • I was introduced to Wellbridge through a recommendation list from my insurance. I am so grateful that I chose them for my therapy. Jessica is outstanding, she is so knowledgeable and has a vast array of stretching and exercise techniques. It is quite obvious that she truly cares for the people she is treating. It is such a pleasure to see someone who is always happy and smiling but also have complete confidence in their abilities. I cannot give Jessica Shattuck a higher recommendation, she is fantastic.

    Raymond M.

  • Vlad took care of my surgically reconstructed knee. They are easy to work with and very knowledgeable – I have to get back in there.

    Neil B.

  • Wellbridge staff is very knowledgeable and professional. They help you stay focused on your recovery and rehab. Vlad has helped me with my major rehab from surgery and got me back to working out consistently without pain.

    Maura P.

  • I came to rehab with Vlad with a complex medical condition. PT has been great! Vlad has focused on the most critical need at hand while always keeping overall needs and goals top of mind. I’m continuously amazed that as long as I’ve been in therapy he continues to listen, to notice even minor shifts and to make changes in my treatment as needed. Rehab has meant getting back to activities I’ve missed. I always feel welcomed when I arrive at Wellbridge PT, Newton. It’s a great space for PT, free flowing and dynamic, but with a sense of underlying order and calm. Vlad and the other staff have created a space that truly promotes health and well-being. And each time I leave I know I’ll feel welcomed when I return again. I’m really glad I discovered Wellbridge, Newton.

    Marcelle B.

  • After seeing someone else for quite some time I just started physical therapy at Wellbridge and I’m glad I did. First of all, contacting them and getting an appointment was super easy. I wrote an email at 7 p.m. and got one back almost immediately with an appointment for the next day. Wow! That is great customer service. Their space is spacious and light, and not to forget very clean. I saw Jessica S. and Vladimir so far and they were both genuinely friendly and very knowledgeable. They use a lot of hands-on techniques, as well as ultrasound and electrical stimulation which works great for me. The building has a parking lot in the back, and there is also street parking, so no lost minutes over looking for a parking spot. Can highly recommend this place!

    Alexa H.

  • Most important, my arm is okay again and I’m back to playing table tennis without pain, something I thought would never happen. My Wellbridge PT experience was all positive — Jessica Shursky is not only a pro but a pleasure to work with and the physical space is clean and pleasant.”

    Emily S.

  • I fell a few months ago, one of the injuries incurred was a fractured patella (kneecap). When the Orthopedist told me I was able to begin Physical Therapy, I asked advice from friends. Wellbridge Physical Therapy was recommended. I called them for an appointment. I wore a leg brace to immobilize the patella for the 2 months, since the injury. I was amazed at the rapid muscle weakness. I have made significant progress in regaining strength of my knee, and leg muscles. I no longer wear the leg brace. The therapist is genuinely interested in my progress. She explains what each exercise is for, and which muscle is involved. Care is taken with regard to other health problems I have. I am not fully recovered as of yet, but I have complete confidence I will be. Going to Wellbridge for therapy was a great decision!!

    Carolyn E.

  • I walked in this place with a walker after having 2 back surgeries. After only 7 weeks I’m walking freely, and gaining my independence back. Both Jessica’s are amazing. Olga the manager is very pleasant and the whole office is very clean.

    Svetlana S.

  • Fantastic PTs, super friendly – you feel like family; they always do a great job & with a smile. Highly recommended

    Sarah B.

  • Nothing but good to write about Vlad, the owner who gave me therapy for my back. The atmosphere was kind, compassionate, relaxing, and Dr. Vlad’s knowledge extensive. I am returning and recommend him and the group to others

    Ellen C.

  • I have an upper back pain for several years now and after working with Dr Jessica Shursky, it’s improved tremendously. I can sleep better and my life quality is much better now. She was very thorough, effective, and professional. The staff is warm and friendly– and fun. I will definitely recommend this place.

    Jenny A.